And the Winner is…

The shoes. Merrells. They feel like pillows on my feet compared to the clogs. Although there is a spot where my legs get sore. I dunno. Can’t return them, now.

Ear phones? Hurt my ears and head. They’re going back.

I might get certified tomorrow. That means I can print my own labels and do a bunch of other stuff I’m not supposed to be able to do, yet. Also, blue shirts. Of course, that’s what I’m most excited about 🙄

I am tired tonight, too, but not like last night. I think I had more coffee today.

I have to get up even earlier tomorrow, like 4:00. I have to get ready to be certified. He’s going to ask me a bunch of questions. I want to be prepared.

I did awful today, foodwise. Just horrible. And I didn’t bother biking, either. I’ll show you, you…wait, who am I mad at? My sluggish metabolism? My ineffective bike? I don’t even know who I’m exacting revenge on.

I have to put Aislyn to bed tonight. It will be hard not to fall asleep in her cozy bed. I must go now. Goodnight, readers.

Don’t worry about me. I’m okay. ❤️

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