I’m finishing up this post from last night.

I pre-tracked all the food I could for the next week. So breakfast and lunch, which stay the same everyday. Dinner is more of a crapshoot.

I’d put snacks in, but I never know what I’m going to want. But there’s plenty of room for one sweet snack a day.

The tricky part is going to be to stop at just one.

Fortunately, if you want to call it that, I’ve eaten so much this weekend, that I’m probably down to just enough snacks to have only one a day.

I was hot last night in bed, so I stripped down to my tank top and pajama pants, no socks, stuck my leg out of the covers, and woke up with a frozen foot.

No, it’s not hot flashes. I still get the monthly bill on time, every time. From the looks of things, my time line is long. The ease of conception for me even in my mid and late thirties suggests to me that I was quite fertile. In the olden days I probably would’ve been blessed with many children. A fleet. Entire basketball team.

My friend Sasha has nine siblings, grew up on a farm. I bet I could’ve had that many kids if birth control wasn’t a thing. But I can’t even imagine how challenging it would be. Even four seems like a lot.

I guess pretty soon I’ll be graduating to the blue shirts, which is cool with me. They’re a very nice shade of blue. Yellow is not my color.

Anyway, happy Monday, my readers. Back to work. Makin’ parts. You thought I was going to say copies. Admit it.

Have a good day 🙂

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