Well, I put up one bookcase, and the kids stocked it. I biked, but then I had a bazillion Fiber One brownies. I went to the store and got trash bags and light bulbs. That might be it. I might be done for the day. I hate lacking ambition, but I’m feeling like a nap.

I will probably put up the other bookcase. They’re already assembled, you just unfold them and snap the shelves in. I specifically sought out bookcases I would not have to put together, although I do like to put stuff together, and I’m not bad at it. Sometimes I just need a break.

It’s just a matter of getting it all out of the boxes and then cutting up the boxes. If I don’t do both bookcases today I’m going to feel weird, unbalanced, like only shaving one leg, or, if you’re a man, one side of your face.

Because of COVID, these are our weekends. We don’t really do anything but home improvement projects.

What would we do if COVID wasn’t a thing? Go out to eat, probably. Go to bookstores. We can’t do movies because neither kid will sit through a whole movie. Bowling? Playground in all the other seasons.

We’ve already been to the children’s museum a bajillion times. It’s cool, but they never change it at all. I guess Aislyn would probably appreciate it more, now that she’s school-aged. She probably wouldn’t even remember it from before.

Noggin Factory? Ooh, Lickee’s and Chewy’s! I miss that place. Indoor miniature golf.

I dunno, there’s stuff to do. I miss it. It won’t be long, though. Aislyn turns five in May.

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