I did try on my large button down and guess what? There is some gaping at the chest. In fact, from the side, you can see right in, if you’re looking, you pervert.

Possibly there was some shrinkage in the dryer, but this is getting really annoying.

I need to know exactly how much longer this poison will be violating my body so I can make a plan for damage control. Medical professionals have been no help thus far. Maybe I should see a psychic. Kidding…sort of.

In 2008 I went to a psychic. I was full of doubt, but my friend Chloe really wanted to go, so I figured, why not?

I started telling the psychic about a teaching job I was to start in the fall, but he immediately discouraged me from saying too much. He told me some interesting things, all of which came to pass. Coincidence? Perhaps. But who knows?

He told me in the education field, I would be bounced around from district to district, place to place over the years, but would never take root anywhere. He said career change was indicated, perhaps even going back to school, to better utilize and be appreciated for my creativity.

I was in education for 20 years and never made tenure or stayed anywhere very long. I was laid off three times. Conditions were never quite right.

He said the next couple of years would be hard for me personally. They were.

And yes, I recognize that that is a very general and highly interpretable prediction. What years don’t have some kind of hardship? Case in point, the last two, for literally the entire world.

Still, he had been right about my work life.

I guess my point is, I’m not so skeptical of psychics, anymore. We only use 2% of our brain power. Why wouldn’t clairvoyance be legit for some people?

People have faith in religion and God and all of that. Why not a sixth sense? Sure, I trust science, but even science is only based on what we know so far. Scientists used to think the sun revolved around the earth, right? And doctors used to cleanse the blood with leeching (ewww).

As I get older, I’m finding that I don’t really doubt anything. God, the devil, reincarnation, the Tarot…nothing’s off the table for me when it comes to spirituality. I could come back a boy or a cat or someone famous or a grasshopper.

Anything is possible.

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