Bust, Back, or Both?

Did my workout today. I’m trying to increase my time pedaling fast to bump up my calorie burn. The workshop leader made a good point last Sunday, though, and that was that you can’t depend on solely exercise for weight loss. You also need to eat in the healthy range. I’ve found this to be true, especially lately. I can’t get away with eating like a hog just because I exercise like a…person who exercises often. Sorry, can’t come up with a metaphor I like, there. Or would that be a simile? Derek? Derek! Help! He took English grammar; I didn’t, and it shows.

I’ve spent more money than I care to share on ill-fitting sports bras. I have a drawer full of them that don’t fit right. I cannot find one that doesn’t squeeze or that I’m not falling out of when I’m bending forward.

I don’t understand what the problem is. Plenty of women are bigger than me through the chest, back size, or both. Do they also face this dilemma?

It was never a problem when I was skinny, I’ll say that.

Even an XXL is too tight on the chest. That’s the equivalent of 38 DD. That should work or even be big. It’s left me scratching my head.

Wacoal has a sports bra. It’s expensive, but they’re my brand of choice. Maybe I should try that.

I don’t need anything extra supportive or constricting. I’m just sitting on top of a bike. I’m barely moving my upper body.

I don’t like to wear regular bras during a workout because I sweat. I don’t necessarily wash my regular bras after just one wear, I’m not gonna lie. Only if it needs it, if, say, it was 112 degrees all day or I spilled chocolate sauce down my shirt. Maybe it’s gross, but they last longer that way.

I don’t always wash my pants after one wear, either. It depends on how worn or stretched out they look. Again, excess sweat or stains are no-brainer exceptions. Clothes retain their color and vibrancy longer if you’re not constantly washing them. But, as usual, I digress.

I don’t understand why a standard size won’t do the trick. Like even a large. I wear a medium or large shirt. Well, these days, more often a large, I guess, if I’m being honest, which I might as well. But still. Large fits comfortably. I think? I’m trying to think if I have gaping buttons at the chest or anything. I don’t think so? Now I’m going to have to try on my large button-down polka-dot shirt.

I love polka dots. Also plaid, argyle, pin stripes, mandalas. Some of those are harder to wear when you’re heavy. Horizontal stripes are supposed to be unflattering if you’re heavier. When I was skinny, I used to wear them to make my boobs look bigger. It actually works. Don’t need to do it right now, evidently.

Why is it so hard to find clothes that fit me? If only I was a man.

If I was a man, I’d have different problems. So many haircuts. Daily shaving. Surprise random…you know…pop-ups.

Maybe it’s the weight I’ve gained since December, or even more recently. Maybe it’s the Depo blowing my boobs up bigger. They look and feel the same to me. Not heavier or anything. But birth control can do that to your breasts, so I don’t know.

I still don’t believe I’m that large. XXL? Really?

Maybe my back has gotten bigger. I should measure my back. Maybe it’s a boobs-back combo. Oh, brother.

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