I’m Okay

No time for blogging all day. I had to call Walmart because of a glitch on the app that was preventing me from scheduling grocery delivery. There’s never any time at work. Then Desmond had PT. I missed my workout again. I got dressed for it, but I ran out of time.

Then I choicably overate. I wanted ice cream and Fiber One brownies, so I had them. I’ve had four other good days, so, that’s what I’m choosing to focus on.

I probably will not go to work tomorrow. Our line is shut down because of a brownout? My supervisor said I wouldn’t get paid, but I wouldn’t get points, either. It’s supposed to be bad tomorrow. I could go in if I wanted, but I don’t.

I must be doing well, because he said I will probably be certified next week so I can print my own labels, etc. I’m trying to work on my speed, right now. It takes me between 17-22 minutes to complete a box of parts.

I’m very tired. At this point, it could also be the getting up at 4:30.

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