My back and legs hurt. I don’t feel ready for today. I’m super tired, been awake since 3:51.

I hate it, but I’m going to have to buy new safety shoes already. I’m afraid that’s why I’m aching all over.

Do you get used to this?

I need Tylenol.

I want to go back to sleep.

I’m sorry about how whiny I’m being right now, but I feel like hell. It could be worse. I could be sick. At least I’m not sick. I just hurt.

Sometimes I get achy right around my time, but it’s not that, that’s already come and gone. No, it’s the standing all day. It’s hard on your body.

Teachers think they stand all day, but they really don’t. They have short periods of sitting throughout the day, and it makes a difference. I only know because I was one.

I suppose in the upper grades there’s a lot of standing in front of what used to be a blackboard, but is now a white board (dating myself again).

Well, maybe I’ll get that copywriter position. I don’t know who I’m up against. Sometimes when I’ve felt confident I’ve asked about my competition. I didn’t feel confident enough to ask this time, though. I don’t even know how many people they’re considering.

I just hope I make the next cut. Fingers and toes crossed.

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