I had stuff to do after work. I really wanted the avocado toast for dinner, but neither Dunkin’ Donuts I went to could do it. So I bit the head off the kid at the drive thru. “Oh, Christ!” I said. Then I felt bad, but not too bad, because I was hungry.

I was going to get on the bike when I got home, but I didn’t. I was too hungry. Instead, I ate 12 points worth of frosted mini wheats, but never fear, I’m only at 24 points.

My hands are all dry, cracked, and bleeding today. I wear gloves all day, so I was surprised by that.

Tomorrow my supervisor is going to have me do everything on my own: finding the parts, printing the labels, etc. etc. like she’s not there. Anxiety!!!

With my gift card I got a Tommy polka-dot button-down shirt, these cool baggy pants, and a dress that will be stunning in the spring and summer. I don’t know where I’ll wear it, but I had to. Just had to. All of them blue, I just realized.

I don’t have much else. I’m tired, as usual. Ready for bed. So is he.

Shane vs. the noisy family

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