Up 9.4 pounds?!! This is so frustrating. I’ve gained close to 20 pounds since December. Oh my God, make it stop, make it stop now!

Yeah, I know, I said it’s just a number. But what a number it is! Jesus.

I’m glad at least I went to the meeting. I shared my huge gain with the group. Everyone was really supportive. That’s why I love the workshops. It’s a community.

Workshops are opening back up in Dover, right across the street from my house. But there will be no Kimmy or Deb at those ones. But Mom is right, we should support the Dover ones, seeing as we live there, and we’re the ones who wanted them back.

But Kimmy and Deb have been on the journey with me since 2018. Leaving them behind will be hard.

I’ve had a pretty good day so far. 25 points as of 7:30 p.m. I expect to lose some water weight.

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