I want to take a nap. I can’t until 2:45, when Derek gets home with Desmond from basketball.

But I also want to build the linen closet. It’s too big of a project for me to do by myself, I’m pretty sure. It’s huge. I can do chairs, shelves, bookcases, stuff that is straightforward. But I don’t know about linen closets.

Shane is super duper extra cuddly. I bet he’d like to take a nap upstairs with me.

Kitty on my lap

I messed up already today, too. I might not even go tomorrow. I’ve gained at least 7 pounds since last weigh in, maybe more. Again, I’m not being very self-compassionate.

I should read that book, is what I should do. I need it right now more than ever.

Maybe I should try Noom again, with WW.

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