Night Time Peckishness

The number is going up, up, up because of my evening binges. I wish I could say it wasn’t happening, but it is. I do awesome all day, bike, then blow it at the end. So stupid. Such a waste.

I’m not being very self-compassionate right now.

I cursed in my sleep. Nightmares about my mother, telling me I’m a bad mother. But I can’t believe what I said. Shame on me.

I had my copywriter interview with HR. I think it went well. It was hard to tell. It lasted 35 minutes, I think I asked good questions, gave good (if long winded) answers. The next round would be with the creative director, I should hear in a week or so whether or not they want to advance me to that stage.

I’m trying not to get too excited. They could have someone internal. It happens all the time. But oh my God, it would be perfect! There’s a senior copywriter I could learn from, it’s in a big, beautiful facility. It sounds made for me. But I’m trying not to get too amped up so I’m going to stop talking about it.

Better get going. Don’t want anymore points.

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