I feel like I’m going to puke. It’s hard to enjoy my coffee when I keep throwing up in my mouth. Sorry to be gross, but 🤢

I’ve been up since 4:00. Derek has his ENT appointment today. I hope it goes well. I hope they can help.

I’m so discouraged with my weight gain. I need to remember this:

Down +/- 50 pounds from May 2020

There’s a points system at work for attendance and timely breaks. You don’t want points. No points earns real incentives: PTO time. I’ve got to watch my break times. If you’re even a minute over, you get a point. So definitely no blogging during the 15, and possibly none at lunch. Maybe a short, short one at lunch?

To be completely honest, the blogging is what put me over at TJX.

But I get out at 2:00. After I’m done my errands and my workout/ shower, it’s blog city. It’s bloggamania.

I didn’t post this at the time I wrote it. But Aislyn got up and needed me and I was 10 minutes late. My second day. I’m now the proud owner of at least one point.

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