Here I Am

Well, it’s 11:00. It’s occurring to me, though, that I will still have 2 hours and 40 minutes to go after this. I’m wondering if 11:30 or even 12:00 would make more sense going forward.

I’m already pretty tired. My body is sore from standing. There is a lot of standing. Not a lot of moving around. But it’s already way better than my previous situation. No one’s after me.

There was a beautiful long black eyelash on the table in front of me. As much as I love long, dark lashes, I don’t like them anywhere near my food. Especially other peoples’.

My own lashes are short, stubby, and brown. My eyebrows are also brown. But my red hair is real, I swear.

If I had brown hair, I wouldn’t necessarily dye it red. I do like this color, though. I feel lucky to have it. People say you can’t get it from a box.

And, yes, I have a “thing” about stray hairs near my food or in the shower or on my fingers or virtually anywhere, even my own. Yucky. Even as a little girl I hated them. I called them “yucky.”

Aren’t you so thrilled to be reading about stray hairs while eating? Maybe you’re not eating, though. You’re better off right now if you’re not.

There’s a possibility I’m insane.

Oh yeah, and I’m gaining again. I’m at a new high for 2022. Great.

I will get through this, readers. It’s just taking a really, really, really, really, really long time.

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