First Day

My first day at my new place. Will just be orientation today. Paperwork, some computer training.

I’m tired, unfortunately. Want to lie back and close my eyes more than write. That might be because I don’t have much to write about yet.

I did two workouts yesterday, and a ton of housework. But I was also up this morning, and overate. I’m down by maybe an ounce today.

At least I’m not gaining. There’s something to be said for that.

I hope they have a Keurig! Otherwise, what am I going to do? Fall asleep standing up. No, don’t even think it. The sad thing is I have done that before. At a hockey game. Like I said, any time, anywhere.

Tomorrow I have to get up at 4:30 if I want to do my light therapy. I wonder if I could do it when I got home. Dr. Naimark said for some people doing it later in the day interferes with sleep, but I doubt if I’d have that problem.

I have to go pretty soon. Look who just sat down with me.

Shane vs. getting up

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