My Goal

FatCalc says I can reach my goal by July consuming an average of 1400 calories a day. That is totally doable. And really, not that far from now. We’re already in mid-February. I can make it my smokin’ hot summer campaign.

I just wish I wasn’t hungry right now. My points are already high because I had cereal early. And T-bone steak is for dinner: 7 points for 3 ounces. And they’re 12-ounce steaks. Well, maybe they won’t defrost in time and I’ll have a little more wiggle room with choices.

I feel bad. I’m the one who bought them, and I’ve already avoided them once to impact my weigh-in. But 28 points is my entire day and then some.

Maybe I could eat half of it? That’s still 14 points I don’t have, though.

I’m going to have a different cut for far fewer points. Hopefully it’ll be defrosted in time.

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