My Day Off

I’m proud of myself today. I’ve done all I can to stay awake and stay on plan. I’ve kept busy all day, from blogging, to cleaning, to organizing, to sweeping, to assembling, even a teeny bit of dusting.

You’d think I’d have gotten more steps. Alas, only 7.6K. Which still isn’t bad for an off day, I guess.

I almost wonder if I shouldn’t do a second workout. Is that crazy? Two workouts plus housework in a day? Do people ever do two workouts in the same day?

I might. Try out my wireless ear buds. Maybe it’s excessive, but it’s one more thing I can think of to keep me out of the kitchen and the bedroom.

Of course, I still have a ton of laundry to put away, too. I just don’t want to leave Aislyn alone down here. She’d probably be fine for the few minutes it would take, though. I don’t know.

I’m getting foldable bookcases to organize our many, many boardgames, so expect a before and after of my dining room soon, as well. I know you’re on the edge of your seat waiting for it, don’t lie.

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