I’m trying not to drink too much fluid before weigh-in. It’s hard, I woke up with a headache in both my eyes. It’s better now, though.

The number on my scale, at least, has gone down a little. We’ll see how I do at WW.

Post Workshop: I’m down 4 pounds! This is the first loss I’ve had since probably December.

I did work very, very hard to lose, though. I don’t mean eating healthy, because I didn’t always. I mean just avoiding going off the rails altogether everyday. I mean not giving up each day.

The Depo has made all of that really hard. So it took a lot of working out, and a lot of energy, both physical and emotional.

But now I know I can do it. And I’m going to do it again this week. Even with the Super Bowl (I can’t follow sports, but Derek watches the Super Bowl and makes a special egg salad, ham, and cheese sandwich on Hawaiian bread). Even with a whole extra day at home tomorrow.

I’ve got this. I’ve finally got this.

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