No Nap

Napping didn’t work, couldn’t fall asleep. Too many thoughts?

I had an NSV today. At the workshop, one of the members said he could really see a difference in me from when he started again last July. So that was good.

I don’t have a lot else, I guess. I’m just putting off the inevitable chores I need to do. Like cleaning the kitchen. It’s just, like, what’s the point? It’s going to be a disaster again in a couple of days.

But we have new counter stools to put in there, and I want it clean before I do, and I’m anxious to get the new chairs out of the living room and hallway, where they have somehow inexplicably become play structures for the kids.

The island I was so excited about when we moved in is always the worst part. It’s just a catchall for all of the incoming crap we acquire throughout the week. You’d be surprised at how fast it accumulates.

I also made the mistake of buying our groceries in bulk last week, forgetting we don’t have the space. That’s a lie. We have a great space for bulk items. But it’s always filled with stuff.

The island
Yesssss, the island.
My favorite counter. No, those aren’t liquor bottles; they’re Jordan’s Skinny Syrups for my coffee.

I’m not doing this to make myself or my family look like hogs; I’m taking before and after pics.

I guess I know what I’m doing during the Super Bowl. Break (What? That’s what the team says when it’s time to start playing, right? I’m really clueless about sports.).

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