The Scale

The number keeps going up. I know why. I’m off program at night. I’ll have an on program day all day then blow it at night.

I have two more days. I’ll try to make the best of them and stay on. What can I do to not go crazy when I get home? Skinny Stix. Bike again? Housework? Today’s different, though. I get home at dinner time.

I think I’ve got too many choices. Skinny Cow, Fiber One, Carb Smart, cashews. I get overwhelmed and want them all. Cashews were a bad choice. I thought nuts were only 3 points on the new plan.

There’s this kids show Star Beam with this little nemesis, Miserable Marla. Her voice sounds like mine—lower than most women. And she wears dark colors, like I do.

I don’t know. I get that they can’t make bad guys that evil on little kids shows, so this is how they do it. But I’m not altogether comfortable with the idea that sad=bad. That happy is the only acceptable emotion.

I actually like Marla. Maybe I identify with her slightly. Except I think her mission is to make other people unhappy; misery loves company, right? I’m not like that. I hate seeing other people suffer, even people I don’t especially like.

Of course, it’s entirely possible I’m reading too deeply into a cartoon.

I’ve got to go do my workout now. I hope you all have a great Friday, or whatever day you’re having, if you’re in a whole different time zone.

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