Kind of a Crazy Day

Today went by pretty fast. I didn’t have to ring. I’m sure I’ll have to tomorrow because of how I’m scheduled. But it will be my last day!

I realized I didn’t really have any interviewing clothes, you know, just in case, so I grabbed a few things. It’s weird that last June when I shopped for interview tops, it was in 1x, and this time it was medium. I guess that’s pretty cool.

I’m pretty tired, but not exhausted. I got like 12,000 steps today. No time for bike. I didn’t know cashews were 7 points for a quarter cup. Oops.

I still have to do the dishes. I wish I hadn’t sat down, because now I don’t want to get back up.

Ton of laundry to fold, too.

Actually, I lied. I feel like I could fall asleep in this chair pretty much right now. Derek turned the fire on, that might have something to do with it.

Anyway, they said I’d hear about next steps early next week. I hope there are next steps. This would be my dream!

Obviously I’ll keep you posted.

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