A Great Big “Just Kidding”

They revised the schedule at some point over the last few days. So when I went in and couldn’t punch in at 7:00, I looked and in deed the new posting indicated I should be there from 10-5; not 7-2. Which means they need me up front today.

Sasha has still not been register trained. Yet, they called her in to work today. For two solid months, she’s been doing very much exactly what I had wanted to do, which was processing, pushing, and merchandising without being constantly called to register.

I guess I just don’t get it.

Oh, well.

Believe it or not, I do get tired of talking about myself all the time. I’m kind of dying to know about you, my readers. This conversation is so one-way. It’s not even a conversation.

I mean, it’s been okay, since it’s kind of like my online journal. Except I know I’m not just writing for myself. You know?

But it’s okay, readers. It’s not your fault. If you like me, if you like my writing, keep reading. As you know, I’ve got plenty to say, as most INFJs do, and love my venue for it.

I do have WW Connect, which I haven’t used in a while, but can always return to, where readers are able to respond to you and you to them. And there’s FB, which I’m almost never on, but could certainly go back. So I do have options.

It’s just that I’m especially curious about you. And I didn’t want you to think I wasn’t.

Sorry to have veered wildly off course again. Anyway, it’s time to go to work. Again.

Thank you for following me, my readers.

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