Sure Enough

I got on the scale this morning and I’m down almost 3 pounds from yesterday. Of course I realize it’s water weight and normal daily fluctuation and so on, but it is helpful, somehow, to see the variation and I have a feeling it could keep me motivated.

Like I’ve said, Noom is a good program, too. I did Noom for a couple of months. The only problem I had with it was 1. No meetings and 2. I just didn’t follow the program, which wasn’t even Noom’s fault. If I’d followed the program, I know I would’ve lost weight. I did at first.

So if Noom says research supports daily weigh-ins, I believe it. Will it work for me? We’ll see.

I’m not at work until 10:30 today because Desmond has his GI appointment in Manchester.

I don’t feel so tired today. Body is sore, though.

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