Quick Quick

I only get a 15 today, apparently, for 4 1/2 hours. Not much time to eat lunch, but, I got it done. I get to cover the fitting room for 45 minutes when I’m finished here.

It doesn’t seem fair that I get sort of penalized for taking my kid to the doctor. But whatever. I guess them’s the breaks.

Actually, I haven’t been super starving today, either. I just get anxious thinking I might become hungry and getting stuck where I can’t access the appropriate foods.

The girl on break ahead of me always comes back late. Today she took a 30-minute 15. I’m not saying I’ve never taken five or ten extra minutes, here and there, but every time? And nobody does anything. She’s new, too. It’s irritating.

Okay. I do have to go. Happy Monday, readers 😊

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