My Surprise Day Off

I’ve been trying to keep busy so as not to A.) eat or B.) fall asleep. Lord knows there’s always plenty to do around here, just not much I want to do. I’ve already

  • Folded laundry
  • Washed and hung hand washables
  • Fed the kids their lunch
  • Eaten my lunch
  • Put the recycling in the pantry
  • Put new collars on the cats
  • Opened two packages
  • Done my workout
  • Showered
  • Put on my newly washed 10s (just to make sure they still fit after the dryer)
  • Ordered curtains for the bathroom and front door
  • Finished the grocery order
  • A bunch of other things I can’t remember, anymore

Aislyn’s room needs cleaning. Maybe I’ll do that. I get active points for housework. And I can see how these bad boys take lots of movement: walking, bending, squatting, and so on. Like, will they fall down like the 12s? My guess is a resounding no.

Or I could continue to sit here and daydream 🤤

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