I Made It

I made it to Whose Line is it Anyway? I’m still awake. Probably because I had a nap and a late late coffee.

Our groceries didn’t make it here today. I hope they’re early tomorrow, because I’m out of creamer. Good creamer, anyway. I have some weird peppermint stuff from a few weeks ago. And almond milk. But almond milk is too thin.

The only creamer acceptable to me other than cream itself or half and half is Coffee Mate sugar free Italian Sweet Crème.

I’m out of all of my snacks, and I think everyone else is, too, because we’re all grouchy about food right now.

I’m warm and sleepy. I could sleep right now. The cats are both cuddly around me and I have an extra blanket.

I’m halfway to Dreamland already. Goodnight, my readers 😘😴

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