Being Home All Day is Hard

It’s weird. It didn’t used to be so challenging. I was home everyday until September, and I lost all kinds of weight.

But I guess I’m out of that routine.

The good thing about Hutchinson, or the Hutch, as I will undoubtedly call it, is that 1.) it will probably not be stocked with tons of gourmet goodies, like caramel popcorn, biscotti, chips, and macaroons and 2.) it is in the middle of nowhere, so I will not be able to travel to a place that is stocked with goodies on my breaks.

Just as long as there’s no vendeteria, I’ll be all set.

I will need steel-toed boots or shoes and things for my glasses. I’m told Red’s has good shoes. I’ve actually never been there. I think I’ll need my hair pulled back.

I will spend far less if any money at the Hutch. I already know that. Retail was not a wise choice for me.

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