Some Weird, Random NSVs

I’m stuffed. We had The Farm and I had the Rockporter salad. But I also had Desmond’s sweet potato fries—all of them, and carb smart ice cream…all of it 😳

I drank coffee all day to stay awake. I had to call that interview because they didn’t call me at the designated time, and I think she may have lost interest in me after it became clear I haven’t done much marketing (but isn’t content writing a form of marketing? Blogs and social media posts? Yes, I’m quite sure those are called content marketing strategies.)

It doesn’t matter. Anyway, I could be totally wrong. I’ll find out one way or another, I guess.

I wish I’d had time for a workout…or two.

Even though I’ve gained weight and a belly, and I’m unhappy with how I look right now, I do have a pair of size 10 jeans that fit. They’re kind of stretchy, but still. Also a size medium pair of pants that are tight, but they fit. So, there’s those things that are good.

I have to go put Aislyn to bed.

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