It looks to me like I can expect another fun-filled day of ringing, since it’s only Sally, Katie, and me on the lineup.

I’d like to say, please keep me off the registers from now on. But I won’t do that. Because I would feel sorry for my coworkers who then have to take on the burden of being down a ringer.

There are so many people here who don’t have to ring at all, though. That’s what I wanted when I first applied. Somehow, it didn’t work that way for me.

In any case, I’ll soon be done, and the dreaded register and all of its “perks” will be an unpleasant memory.

It’s on me, to a huge extent, if I’m honest. I should’ve known better. Should’ve realized retail would probably not be a good fit at this stage in my life. But I needed income, and retail was something I had done, so here I am.

And I love the merchandising and pushing/ processing end of it. I do. It’s really just the ringing I dislike.

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