I posted this morning, but it posted twice, so I deleted one of them, and now I don’t see either. So I just fished it out of Trash and published it.

This day has gone by fast so far. But I’m going to be up front, probably, for the rest of the day, so I’d better get ready for it to slow down, I guess.

It’s been an okay day. I have a phone call about a journalism opening this afternoon, but it’s hybrid, and in Boston. I could live with going in maybe once a week, but other than that…

Great opportunity, though. They recruited me off of LinkedIn (Beacon Hill Staffing).

Journalism scares me a bit because of the interviewing. But I figured I’d talk to her, anyway.

I’m feeling tired. I don’t know if it’s because I’m sitting down? Possibly. Maybe I should get up and walk around.

I used to sit all day to write. Well, 8-2. I can’t imagine doing that, now. I’d be asleep in my chair in five minutes.

Maybe I’ll try to squeeze in another bonus workout this evening. After last night, it would probably be a good idea. I stopped tracking. There was pizza. There was Carb Smart ice cream, but there were two bowls of it.

Yes, I give in to temptation. But who doesn’t every now and again?

Today will be better. That’s going to be my mantra.

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