Our 11:00 Lunch Time

Oops I mean my lunch time, what was I thinking?

And actually, 11:30 today. I just meant within the hour of 11.

So my points have started off high today, too. But I still think this week will be better. I did my workout: that’s 3 this week. I’m running out of clean athletic clothes.

Well, I have 5 cheap shorts and 5 cheap shirts. I need sports bras. I threw out my camis and that was stupid, because they would probably fit okay right now. But how was I to know?

Thank God this post is so interesting, huh? Sorry, readers. Like Tina Fey says, they can’t all be gold nuggets. Some of ‘em’ll be shit nuggets.

That’s kind of gross, actually, Tina. Thanks a lot. No, I love her. Bossypants is amazing.

Have to go now, was only a 15.

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