Damn Right It Was a Good Day

I got another interview for a rehab aide job, and when I checked my email, I discovered that Hutchinson is re-offering me the job I didn’t end up taking in November. WooHOO! I am so out of here.

Ironically, though, I haven’t had to ring yet, today. But I think it’s just a matter of time, especially since Brianna is on her break, now, and I’ll be off mine in five minutes.

I can tell Kevin is not happy with me about last Friday. I guess he’s not going to call me in this time, it seems like he would’ve by now. Oh, well.

Nothing is the way they said it would be. It’s not like my Somersworth TJ Maxx job, and they’ve cut back my hours, too, and wonkified my schedule. Next week my late days are on different days than usual.

I was supposed to have kept my original schedule: M-F, 7-3. But then I made the mistake of offering 7-5 some days, and now they won’t let me go back. So…

I think I’ll be better off at Hutchinson. I’m giving my notice probably today. I’ll work these next two weeks and then I’m done.

I’ll just chalk it up as a failed attempt at retail in my adulthood. It doesn’t work so well if you can’t do nights and weekends, and if you’re looking for predictability and stability.

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