Out in the Snow

The kids got themselves halfway dressed for the snow, then came over and asked to go outside. Genius, kids. How can you say no to that?

Probably, we should’ve taken them sledding. But I’m to understand there’ll be more snow. Plus, we may have to get new sleds, not sure if the one we have is still good. It’s hard to trust stuff that’s been in the basement any length of time.

Derek has already done our taxes. We’re not getting the return we got last year, that’s for sure. But better than nothing. Better by far than paying in.

We need a new dryer. The one we have came with the house, and the lint trap doesn’t work very well. So I’ve got black leggings covered in damn white and orange cat hair. Oh well, it beats not having a cat as sweet as Shane—no offense to Finnigan. He says none taken. No he doesn’t, he says stuff you, Mama.

I have a phone interview Thursday. I applied one night and got the invite next morning. Marketing assistant. I need to research the company. It could be a great opportunity.

I need to make sure I didn’t donate my suits. I don’t think I did, that would’ve been dumb, but I’m not positive. I may have donated a really old blue one in a size 6. But let’s be real, I’m probably never going to be a 6 again. Well, who knows?

6:00–I cleaned the kids’ bathroom, ironed my clothes, did more laundry. I got 11 activity points for today. Almost 10,000 steps, and it’s a weekend day. And I’m at 27 points as of right now. It’s been a good and productive day.

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