“She’s Gone From Suck to Blow!”

I vacuumed the stairs, finally! After I’m not even sure how long ago. Suffice it to say they were partly gray; not beige, like the carpeting in Aislyn’s room. I know, gross.

Don’t judge me, readers, I keep the kids, their clothes, bedding, and bathroom as clean as I reasonably can. All the poopy accidents have required rigorous laundering (case in point, I’ve done all the laundry today, too, even though we just did it a few nights ago, and although Aislyn has vastly improved her toileting). So, yes, dusty stairs take a major backseat compared to those things. Only Derek and I have the dust and pet hair allergies, anyway. I’m less worried about us getting sick than the kids, since they have little control over their…what would you call it? Environmental hygiene?

I may not always take great care of myself, but I take good care of the kids. In my estimation, at least.

Anyway, the stairs needed to be done, so I did them. And guess what? The vacuum I hated so much actually did a really nice job. It should have done a nice job; it cost $400!

I bought it because our Shark broke, we needed a vacuum, and I wanted a good quality one for a change. My stepmom likes Miele, so I took a chance with a canister vac. And it seems to have panned out.

I hated it at first because it sucked so hard that I couldn’t even move it! I even read the manual, which said to adjust the suction setting (well, duh!), but still no luck.

So I just kept playing and playing with it until I figured out how to manipulate it pretty much by accident. I also got the shaft to lengthen the other night, totally by accident, just screwing around with it.

I know. I’m so sorry. I know how this sounds. But I can’t think of better words to describe my experience with the Suckster 3000 (I can’t remember the actual name besides Miele).

I think the last time I vacuumed Aislyn’s room it was easier to work with, too.

I guess talking dirty to it really does work 😉.

So I’m not done. I still have to clean both bathrooms. The living room’s a hot mess, too, but that’ll take just a few minutes. Aislyn’s room. Finish reading and cleaning up my many, many, many posts 😴.

But it’s not like I’ve done nothing all day. I been busy.

Sorry about all of my emojis, I know overusing them is obnoxious.

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