Brushies for Kitties

“Brain the size of a planet.”

Shane is beautiful, but he always looks so annoyed in pictures. He is like the Alan Rickman of cats. In pictures. In actuality, he is like the Mr. Rogers of Cats.

“It’s you I like.”

My furry BFF. He’s the friendliest cat I’ve ever had. Pretty gentle, too, though if he’s had enough, he’ll let you know.

It doesn’t look like my blog is on my resume, but I can’t remember if it’s on my portfolio on Contently or LinkedIn. Will have to look.

Of course I know you only have to Google me to find it. And people do it. All the time. I don’t mean they Google me all the time. I mean job candidates are Googled.

So either way, some pruning is indicated. I don’t mean a drastic overhaul. Just some neatening. Employers neither need nor want to know the most intimate details of my everyday life. I am aware of that. Common sense.

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