What’s Really Going On, Here?

I’m eating a FO brownie at lunch. I don’t usually. Most times, I wait until hours later. And the thing is, I’m not still hungry. They’re only 2 points, but still.

So what’s really going on? Did I just want a chocolate fix? Or am I upset?

I get more than my fair share of chocolate in any given week. I’m pretty sure it’s not a craving. I’m pretty sure I’m just upset.

I’ve been known to be an emotional eater. I’m really going to have to watch that. It doesn’t help that that hormone messes with my emotions, in addition to making me way hungrier than usual.

Well, anyway, that’s kind of all I’ve got for now. I’d rather not discuss exactly what’s upsetting me. Not anything I can put into words. So, with that, I go my un-merry way.

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