Coffee Time

Some days I just want to close my eyes when I’m sitting in my chair. This is one of those days.

It’s odd. I slept all night. Got up at 6:30. But I guess that has nothing to do with it.

I’m beside myself angry with my PCP. Wouldn’t she want to see me? What if I have chronic fatigue syndrome? Never even answered my last message. I’m so done there.

Aislyn is doing so much better with her toileting. No poop accidents for like, 10 days. It’s like a light went on, all of a sudden. I hate to say anything in case I jinx it, but I have to say it, you know? I can’t ignore the positives in life.

I hope you all have a nice day. Have a safe commute if you’re a commuter. It’s occurred to me that I may not have that many commuters, right now, but I’m sure I have some, and I am one.

It’s a bike day 🚴

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