Help Me!

You’re the devil!

I did not know it was Cookies and Milk Day at work. I made the mistake of opening one. Easily twice my daily points allowance, I’m sure.

Most of it is still there, dear readers. I need your help so bad, right now! I need you to remind me why I don’t want this whole entire decadent softball of a dessert. Why it is not worth my feelings of remorse sure to follow, or the extra pound of flesh it will undoubtedly add to my body.

I’m wearing a shirt today that exposes some of that extra flesh, too (not naked flesh, just little side bumps). You’d think I’d take heed.

But, while I’m writing you this, I am not eating the cookie. There’s something to be said about that.

Should I throw the rest away, readers? What do you think?

Think about my why’s: good health, no more obesity, looking good in less, my rewards once I hit lifetime goal—


It’s history.

Thanks, readers. 😉

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