Caught, Red-Faced

This shirt is not flattering under fluorescent lighting. But I’m hot, so I had to take off my sweatshirt.

Have you ever said “I’m hot,” in front of a dude and he just looks at you and smiles wildly? I did one time. Then came the silent, shit-eating grin. Then came, more than likely, the blushing on my part. Although I was probably already flushed, anyway, because it was legit hot in that room. Always. Maybe it was just me.

Yeah, I’m red headed and extremely fair skinned; translucent, really, so I’m a blusher. It was very hard to hide my attraction to anyone or my general social awkwardness because of that and it made me so frustrated with myself. And all the more embarrassed.

In fact, when I’m in front of a group, even people I know pretty well, and I’m about to speak, I will sometimes open with: “Just so you’re aware, I may turn red because I often do when I talk in front of a gathering.”

Yes, I am that awkward.

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