The Soul of Wit

I had to get creamer at Walmart for my coffee; have a gift card there. Now I have 10 minutes to drink it.

Now that I’ve put my feet up a couple of times in here, it feels weird not doing it. But I don’t want to be a chair hog. Even though there’s only one other person in here. Ahhhh screw it.

So only 11 points so far, if I’ve tallied in my head correctly. Yup, 11. Which means I’m halfway to my target. Which is appropriate, since my day is technically just about half over. I don’t know what’s for dinner, though. Maybe peanut butter pasta. It’s quite good. Try it sometime. Great with chunky PB. Not sure how you make it, but it’s probably Googleable, or I will find out and update.

I’m a peanut butter super freak, anyway.

Have to go now. This 45 has taken a turn for the 50.

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