Another Short, Short Post

Using the Anthem BCBS app is no picnic. All I’m trying to do is find out if a certain practice is in-network and it’s taking forever.

I should’ve just called the number on the back of my card, but I don’t have time to be on hold right now. My break is technically over, already.

I’m out at 3:00. I should’ve just waited until then to start this process. Oh, well.

This morning’s sunrise was beautiful. I took a picture. It’s not from a great vantage point, but I just wanted to share. See? I do appreciate the good things! Even in January. Even doped up on Depo. Hah, another good blog title for right now!

Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone? Paved paradise, sunrise from the parking lot. See what I did, there? I modified Joni Mitchell lyrics. Deeeeeeeeep.

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