For some reason this morning I feel slightly more alert than usual. Like I can type instead of just sit here with my eyes closed. I don’t know if it’s just a fluke or if there’s an actual reason.

You’d think I would feel rested. I was asleep by 7:30 last night. I do still have interruptions, though.

I found my bike shorts. They’re funny, they have a huge cushion in the bum. Now that I’m used to biking without them, I probably don’t need them, but I put them on, anyway, just to see if there’s any difference. I haven’t worn them in many, many years.

I used to take spin class at the gym. Great Bay Athletic Club, or GBAC, was a great gym because it offered so many different types of classes and they were all free with a membership. You also had access to four other Seacoast area gyms. They don’t do that anymore, though.

I got quite good at spin, was taking it like four times a week and I lost like 15 pounds, tightened up the old back end. But, like everything else, the gym costs money, and when times got tough, the gym was always first to go. You’d think it would be cable, but, no, our internet is bundled into our cable bill, and no one wants to give that up.

I also took Les Mills series classes, like Body Jam, which was a really fun kind of dance class, Body Combat, which might’ve been kind of like Tae Bo, and Body Pump, which was an awesome weight-lifting class.

I miss that gym sometimes. But it’s nowhere near where I live, now, and neither are any of the others, really. I have a local Planet Fitness membership now that I never use.

Actually, I have two PF memberships. One out in Western Maine, where I used to work. You have to physically show up there to cancel. I’m never in fricken Western Maine, anymore, so I just let them continue to bill me the $10, month after month. Such a waste. I could buy 12 clearance shirts this year with that $10 a month. And I may need summer clothes.

Actually, I’ve had that membership for almost 10 years and worked out there exactly one time that I can remember. $120 x 10 = oh, my God…

Perhaps a weekend road trip is indicated.

Uh oh, totally lost track of time! Got to start biking, like, 10 minutes ago.

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