Wonky Home Scale

My Aria told me I was 3 pounds under what WW said today. Last week it was 3 pounds over WW. I was pretty psyched until I weighed in, here.

The good news is I only gained 0.6 this week, which was better than I expected. I expected 3 pounds. Less cashiering and more biking must’ve helped.

The good news is I didn’t struggle to stay alert during the workshop. It has nothing to do with boredom. I’m engaged, participating, etc. but the room is warm and I have a headache behind my eyes, and of course, I struggle to stay alert most times right now.

The good news are cherries are back in stores. I love cherries.

The bad news is this workshop is running over and I have stuff to do! Normally it doesn’t bother me, I look forward to workshops. But I’ve got to pick up chicken and Desmond wants to play school at noon.

He’s going to be a great teacher. Or writer. Or place worker.

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