Have To’s

While I didn’t get them all done, we did get quite a bit accomplished yesterday. Laundry’s all done and put away. Dining room, kitchen and living room are picked up. We listened to Lonely Island while we worked.

I just ate a bad raspberry 🤢

I still have the stairs and the tub to do. Aislyn’s room is a disaster, too.

Aislyn is watching Frozen. Desmond loved it, too. He actually choreographed his own little interpretive dance to the opening when he was a baby. It was so cute. We thought he probably learned it at day care. Day care thought we taught it to him. Nope. It was a 100% Desmond Original. For a logic and math dude, he’s also quite creative. He’s just all-around talented, I guess. One of life’s little miracles.

I know it sounds all kinds of corny, but I don’t mean it to. He was almost six weeks premature. But I knew, even in the hospital, he would be okay. So much better than okay, in fact. And, sure enough, here he was at just over four weeks, actively playing with a geometric baby toy. I could tell right then and there just how smart he was.

Desmond, May 31, 2013

I can’t get the Frozen dance video on here from Amazon Photos.

I realize that I rapidly shift from Aislyn to Desmond all the time, and I feel badly about it. Of course, I love my daughter just as much as I love my son, but I have very different relationships between the two of them. Desmond is my first born, he’ll always be my little boy, even when he towers over me…next year.

Aislyn is a natural empath, recognizing when someone needs a hug or just a check-in. She’s been reading sight words for years and reads pretty fluently now, even new books. She is the most socially adroit of the four of us, I think, or she probably will be. She wants to be like Desmond, and in a lot of ways, she is. I’m not sure, yet, if she’s gifted. She may be, actually. It’s just crazy to me that I would have two of them. A little hard to believe. I’m not particularly gifted. Derek is, though.

If they both are, then they are in different ways, which I think is wonderful. They complement each other so well.

Even if they weren’t, though, I’d love them just the same. I feel blessed with them. I think all children are a blessing and a miracle. Pure love.

Sappy, I know. I can’t help it.

I’m going to go help build a puzzle, now. I like puzzles. Derek hates them, although he’s good at them. Too boring.

I love Scrabble and Words with Friends, even though I’m quite good at them. One time I snobbishly said to my nemesis: “Nobody beats me at Scrabble.” It’s not true; the computer frequently beats me on Advanced, and I haven’t really played other people at the same level as me. But I’d have kicked her ass at it.

It’s like I said before, she can have teaching. I’m a writer.

And, as usual, I’ve veered wildly off topic. Oh, well.

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