Armageddon in the Kitchen

Doing all of the laundry. Not exaggerating. 2 loads to fold, 4 to wash, although some of those loads are small, like masks and leftover donations.

We had store wide markdowns recently, so I got the kids and myself some things. I’m not sure I’m still a medium. It was fun while it lasted.

I’m just kidding. I’ll get back down. Just hopefully sooner than later.

I found a leopard print sweater dress for $12. Mrrrrowr. It actually doesn’t look bad. It’ll look better in the, oh…in the spring, when I can’t wear it anymore. So, it’ll look better next year, I guess.

I am going to need some spring and summer clothes. Because all of those were plus. Actually, no, I’m lying. I have older stuff in my closet that’ll work. Now that I can access it.

I should be working. I’m in between laundry loads. But there’s plenty, plenty to do while I wait. Picking up, cleaning, sweeping.

I guess I didn’t really do anything to keep things from plunging into chaos during the week. I was just so tired.

Part of the problem is all of the stuff that comes into the house that then needs to be trashed or recycled and doesn’t get done immediately. It piles up fast.

Another is breakfast at the kitchen island. I have time to get breakfast ready, but rarely do I have time to clean it up before I have to leave.

Another is that Aislyn has yet to learn to clean up after herself. Well, that’s not right. I think she knows how, she just doesn’t. I frequently find empty bags, wrappers, etc, on the living room floor. I used to say only eat in the kitchen, but that’s tricky, because we eat in the living room all the time, and we don’t want to teach them to do as we say, not as we do. Although a certain amount of that, I suppose, is inevitable.

Our trash fills up fast, too. And the compactor is only so effective. So just putting stuff in the trash without an avalanche can be challenging.

Also, all the mail we get that we don’t throw away that then accumulates on the island. It’s not an island so much as a junkyard right now.

We really need to opt out of as much snail mail as we can. That would probably help.

I sound like I’m making excuses. I’m not. I’m just trying to identify common situations and items that lead to disaster.

I am definitely procrastinating, though. That, I’ll fully admit. And sitting here in this comfy section of the couch after having eaten is making me feel sleepy again. So I guess I’d better get up and do something.

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