This Week’s Been a Wash

But you knew that already.

So it’s finally the weekend. I never heard back from my PCP. I’m quite annoyed. Katie, my old PCP, would’ve gotten back to me same day. I meant to call them a third time, but I ran out of time today.

I had called yesterday, because no one bothered to tell me she was out that day. I feel like it’s the same damn thing with this practice every time: the runaround.

Maybe I should try someplace else. Now’s probably not a good time to start looking, though. It’s probably about the same everywhere right now.

Anyway, I wish I could remember what I said in front of Malia today (the kind of spectrummy gal at work), but she gave me the biggest compliment ever. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you what until I remember what I said to trigger it. It will make more sense if and when I do.

Anyway, I’m too shy to share my picture from last January, but here’s a mirror-shot of earlier this evening, sorry about my phone-face. I think I don’t look too bad for January 2022.

It is a baggy dress, but cute.

Have a good night, my readers.

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