Speed Lunch

Because I have to eat at 11. I have to. No way I could wait till later. Plus, anything else I’d want to do would take too much time (coffee, shopping, purchases, etc.).

I could make my own coffee here, for free, and much fewer points. Hmmm…

Made myself a cafe mocha with almond milk creamer. It’s actually pretty good.

No, I can’t do tea, just can’t get into tea. I’ve tried.

I just discovered a WW protein pack with 30g protein and caffeine for only 2 points. I’m going to take it home and try it. If I like it, I’ll order more.

1:37—I feel like I had to speed through my 45, also. But I did shop, purchase, go to the bathroom, get coffee. Yes, I got more coffee. I have a problem.

Even though I’m not thrilled about how I look right now, I need to remind myself where I was at a year ago today. Even 6 months ago. I should feel prouder than I do.

I need to take a picture of that picture and pull it up when I’m feeling bad. I probably look better than I think I do…I dunno about that, actually.

3 more hours till the weekend. I’ve been ringing a lot today. First time in several days, though. I’m nervous about COVID again, though. We have people out with it. I’m not allowed to say who, of course, but I think it’s okay to say there are people with it.

I had to scrap the last few paragraphs because of how hyper focused they were on injustice. I am a justice fricken freak. But it became too negative.

I still think I would’ve been an extremely passionate lawyer. I think lawyer is one of the INFJ professions.

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