The Dress Debacle

My “librarian” dress came. It’s definitely not American-made, that’s for sure. Look, I’m not racist, okay? I ordered their largest size. It is skin-fricken-tight, hugging every last ever loving curve for dear life. Like a body-con dress. Not what I had in mind at all.

Oh, and also, it is see-through. Awesome. Well done, Milumia, well done.

Of course, with a name as prestigious as Milumia, I suppose I should’ve figured.

Derek said it looked good, and he doesn’t really sugarcoat if something looks weird or wrong, so maybe I am, as per usual, being hard on myself…and Milumia.

I will not be providing a visual because I’m way too self-conscious for that. Maybe in 10 or 20 less pounds from now.

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