Expect the Unexpected

I’m on my lunch already. Which works out for me right now, because I’m not hungry and don’t have any desire for coffee.

But we’ll see how it impacts the rest of the day.

I have another 15 at 12:30. That means the end of the day is going to feel long. Usually, my last break is very close to the end of my shift.

I can see the weight I’ve regained especially in my face. I’m not happy about it. All of my clothes feel tighter. I must’ve been around 150 for a long time. I’m not much over that now, but you’d think I was. I don’t know, maybe you wouldn’t. I’ve always been incredibly harsh on myself.

I want to get down to at least 125. Maybe even 120. Unfortunately, that’s now 30-35 pounds away. But it didn’t take that long to lose 60 pounds: May to December. So hopefully, after this holy hell of a shot wears off, I’ll be back where I need to be to jump back on the wagon.

Ugh, February 24. That’s almost March, really! I took it December 9, though. Oh my God, so it won’t be officially out of my body until March 9! God, this sucks! So I have basically two more months of this misery. One month has seemed like six.

So, in a nutshell, reaching my goal is going to take longer than expected because of the stupid Depo. I guess we knew that, already, but…it just blows.

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