Well, I did it. Got on the bike. I guess I feel a little better. A bit more awake.

Showering also probably helped. That fresh, clean, still slightly wet feeling. Hair and scalp newly shampooed and scrubbed. I still use tea tree and mint shampoo, even though I’m unlikely to catch head lice from where I work, now. Working in the schools, you’re always on the lookout.

Of course, my kids could still bring it home.

Tea tree and mint shampoo is the bomb. When I worked at that horrible place in Manchester, and lice were rampant, I actually had one jump off my head. It rejected me, and I’m sure it was my shampoo.

My, this conversation is pleasant. Perhaps this would be a good place to stop and go to work. If you’re in New England today, try to stay warm. 17 below wind chill.

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