Okay, so it’s mostly done. It took hours. I had to clean out all of our camping gear, pack it into plastic totes, and haul it down to the basement. Put the broken vacuum in the vacuum graveyard in the basement. Throw away all the floor trash. Vac the carpeting. Swap out all the hangers (except for Derek’s clothes, just yet) for the new, velvet, space-saving, no-slip hangers. I want all the hangers to be the same because I have this thing about uniformity and also I’m cuckoo.

I used 80 of 100 hangers and filled four more trash bags with donations, this time with clothes I’ve saved for so many years (decades) that they are too immature for me to wear now! Today, I finally let those clothes go.

I’ve had a good day, point-wise (knock on wood). Going to go play a decades quiz game, now.

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